Saturday, October 1, 2011

When is a plateau not a plateau?

About 8 pounds ago I convinced myself that I was on a stubborn plateau. How wrong was that?

One nice thing about this being a lifestyle choice (and not a diet) is that I didn't veer. It doesn't matter so much if I am losing weight, as long as I am healthy and eating the right foods. I want my body to find its new equilibrium - whatever that is (if it is in a bad place, of course I will have to reevaluate - but so far so good). If I was just doing the weight loss thing (again), I'm almost positive that is where I would have started adding in more foods (again), leading to the next upswing in the ongoing diet yo-yo (again).

It is great to think that I might be off the rollercoaster this time.

That spike there? That's where I fell off the slow carb diet. Then I found paleo/primal and never looked back. I wasn't even really trying to lose weight at that point. I needed a lifestyle that I could maintain in perpetuity that didn't make me fat and unhealthy. I found it. Finally.

This paleo thing? It's easy as pie.